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Our innovative glass products offer millions of creative combinations - the only limit is your creativity.
Specialist Glass

Architectural Wire Mesh Glass

Our architectural laminated glass offers an endless stream of creative possibilities. Our team have perfected the art of producing multi-layered glass panels that can incorporate images, fabrics, metals and other decorative materials. The result is a bespoke glass finish that exactly matches your specification and will be unique to your creative vision.

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Specialist Glass

Magnetic Back-Painted Glass

Ideal as a bespoke alternative to whiteboards and other collaborative brainstorming interior features, our magnetic back-painted glass comes in almost infinite variety of options and finishes. If the people you are designing for will require a creative space, this range of glass means you can offer them something unique and flexible. Optional trims and framing can add a further layer of detail to your product.

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Specialist Glass

Glass Wall System

Suitable for CAT A Fit Outs and concourse areas, we can provide a Glass wall system, with subframing and core for a robust panelling system. Options available include trims and integrated feature lighting.

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